Our Getaway Weekend (A Pictorial)

I told you all about the surprise I planned for Jay about a month ago.  Well, we packed our bags and drove our little buns to Lexington, KY on October 10.  Here is the photo documentation of our weekend, with Saturday being spent in Lexington and Sunday being spent in Louisville.


Getting ready to hit the road...

We made it!

Rupp Arena

Here is where I was going to put a picture of us waiting for the Kings of Leon to take the stage but it didn’t pass editorial inspection.  Ha!

ultimate swoon

Kings of Leon rockin' the stage

Pretty horse

A plethora of these beautifully crafted horses were scattered about Downtown Louisville. We played "Where's Waldo" with them. Sorta.


I think this one is my favorite. To be fair, I'm sure I didn't see ALL of them...


Home again, home again jiggety jog....

It was a great weekend!  The highlight, of course, was the concert but really Jay and I have a blast anytime we travel, no matter the distance.  We are disgustingly compatible so the conversation flows with ease.  We also share similar tastes in music and both like to dance in our seats… 

I have to mention that (being the procrastinator I am) I didn’t have explicit directions to the arena, which nearly gave Jay an ulcer.  HOWEVER, I am amazing (cough) and followed my instincts.  I was seconds away from Mapquesting the directions when I looked up to find myself pulling right in to the arena parking lot.  I wish I could put this on my resume, I’m so proud of it!  Ha.

4 thoughts on “Our Getaway Weekend (A Pictorial)

  1. Hilly says:

    That looks fun! When I visited Kentucky, I really didn’t do much sight seeing so I’d love to go back and whoop it up. Maybe. That airport made me want to stab someone. 😉

  2. Miss Britt says:

    You guys are adorable.

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