Hey there, how’ve you been? An Update.

Though I haven’t posted here in (what feels like) ages, I haven’t been missing much in the way of news, trashy reality t.v., newspaper articles and shameful amounts of delivery food.  Read: I have the flu. 

“What? Oh, the flu?  But didn’t you get your ‘shot’?”  I know people will inevitably ask me this.  I am not one to instantly blame my illness on the fact that I did get my ‘Flu shot’.  I think whether or not I would have gotten sick without getting the injection is also a hit-and-miss guessing game.  I was around a lot of people last weekend, I work in healthcare and germs happen…  There.  There’s my justification for getting sick.  Am I glad I got sick?  No.  Am I going to be more careful not to get this sick again this “flu season”?  Yes.  Dear God, YES. 

It all started Monday morning…  I was achy.  I started to feel my cheeks get warm and felt drained of all energy.  (Not as bad as my bout with mono this summer, though.  Jesus, I get sick a lot.)  Oh NO.  I did not want to be sick!  Of course, it was kind of predictable because Jay had begun to come down with this just the day before me.  Bastard.  He did it!!  He got me sick!!

Anyways, I suffered through Monday by the skin of my teeth.  Later in the afternoon I noticed a cough coming on.  Shit.  I always feel like a skeezball when I get a diagnosis of bronchitis because I’m a dumbass I smoke.  Holy Lord, am I sure I want to admit that here?  I know, I know I’m a nurse for God’s sake!  Yeah, well, I’m also a human who actually likes to smoke.  Er, um, I thought I did.  But what about this cough?  And that new prescription for an inhaler?  Oh, yeah, I’m sure R.J. Reynolds cares about my respiratory infection.  Heh.  Time to expedite that New Year’s Resolution.  I digress…

So by Tuesday I was sure I was going to die.  I have never felt so terrible in my life.  (That I can remember.)  Given that I could barely handle a shower, I was skeptical about making it to my 5:00 p.m. doctor’s appointment.  Alas, I “Cowgirl-ed Up” and made it.  Even though I thought I was going to explode in the waiting room.  “BreAnn?”  FINALLY.  I felt like I was ice skating on my way back to the exam room.  I was so light headed.  My doctor had the audacity to ask me “How are you?”  “Horrible,” I replied.  My doctor is a god, though and redeemed himself for such an insensitive question…  I came out no more than 20 minutes later with prescriptions to fill:  Tamiflu, Azithromycin (“ZPak”), Albuterol, Tylenol #3.  He even empathized with how bad I really, truly ached!  I was impressed!!  (Seriously, I had been waking every 2-3 hours to roll over and try to get comfortable but to no avail…)

So fast forward to today:

I’m feeling much better!  Not 100% but if I had to give it a number I’d say 75%.  That’s better than nothing.  I return to work tomorrow, thankfully just to do paperwork (even if my boss did attempt to guilt-trip me into working the floor and then preparing the med sheets for next month… The NERVE!).  I intend to get my full energy restored which means I refuse to feel guilty if my house is still dirty by bedtime tonight.  Heh.

So much has happened in the past week or so!  I’ll share quickly: Jay sent me flowers, Dede turned 2!  A few snippets I’d like to share with you:


Jay surprised me with flowers last Wed. at work!

I'm a giftwrapping goddess!

I love wrapping gifts! Dede's 2nd Birthday gift from Aunt Bre and 'Uncle' Jay!


I love the crap outta these two!

Thank you for suffering through this rambling post!  Happy-almost-Friday!  Remember: Wash your hands, wash your hands, WASH YOUR HANDS!  Also, cover your cough!  And drink plenty of fluids and get an adequate amount of sleep…

6 thoughts on “Hey there, how’ve you been? An Update.

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m in and out of hospitals everyday, and in anywhere from 5 to 80 patient rooms in a single day. I thank the stars every morning, when I wake up and don’t feel ill. I feel like I’m dodging bullets (hell, canonballs) over here.

    Hopefully you’ll be back to your ol’ ‘flash’ self soon.

  2. Nanna says:

    Oh I’m so glad you feel better!

    • Bre says:

      Slow but sure… I’m chugging water and staying on top of my meds 🙂 Probably gonna fire up the teapot and have some Echinacea tea soon…

  3. Miss Britt says:

    hahahah, I love that Dede is looking at Jay like “seriously dude, do I know you? WTH?”

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