A Complete 180

As you all know (or probably not) I had a rotten day at work on Thursday.  Need a refresher?  Anyways… Yes, that day completely sucked but I’m waaay past it.  In fact, I was basically over it after blogging about it.  But when I pulled into the parking lot yesterday morning I felt something in my stomach.  Like some kind of backflip or pouch of flatulence or something.  I marched forward, telling myself “I am in control of this.  My emotions don’t need to be involved as heavily today, since they’re still a tad bruised.”  Ahem. 

The morning went well, considering it was a Saturday and staffing is usually unfavorable.  I walked into the sub-office behind the nursing station and something caught my eye.  I read a misspelled manuscript of my name: “Bree”.  It was a card.  And there was a gray Hy Vee sack over another something.  What is this

A gift!  An apology, albeit from my resident’s wife and not himself.  But it put a grin on my face, from ear to ear.

4 white roses

4 white roses

I was pleased and seeing that beautiful sight that was intended only for me gave me the confidence I needed.  I continued working and when it came time to take care of Roger?  I was calm, cool, collected.  I can still feel a twinge of tension, each of us making casual conversation except it’s way more casual than before the outburst.  But we made it, with him even “allowing” me to be his nurse.  Heh. 

When I was trucking my giganto med cart into place, in preparation for my morning med pass, a different resident added more cheer to my day.  Stuart said, “Hey Flash, I got a surprise for ya.  It’s in my desk drawer, I’ll get it after breakfast.”  I knew instantly what the surprise was. 

I love it!

I love it!

Stuart is notorious for these little things.  They are usually seasonal and he hand paints them.  He’s kind of artsy and I like it.  He calls me “Flash” because I walk so fast all the time.  (What?  I’m an efficient gal!)  And I was tickled to get this because when I first started working at Iowa City Rehab I remember seeing them all over the place, with various names and colors.  “Mark, the Hardworker” and “Darla” with a flower painted on.  I remember I was most envious (yeah, stupid, I know!) to see one of these tokens taped to the nursing station where I spend a significant amount of time.  Both Tiffany and Tara had their own!  And now I’ve gotten mine and I’m likening it to being punched in at a gang meeting.  I’m proud.  WHATever.  It totally made my day…

All in all, this weekend at work made up for Thursday.  Maybe even two times over.  I’m glad, too, because I was feeling really sorry for myself (unfortunately).  My feelin’s was hurt! (spoken in Southern dialect)  Hearing one of my ladies with her (almost too many) compliments makes the energy exerted worth it.  But, really, she says some of the most off the wall things.  Example:  “Bre, you’re the prettiest girl in Iowa!!”  No kidding.  Thank GOD I learned how to gracefully take a compliment because with her I feel like I’m swinging at a softball.  Really.  But I love it all the same. 

In other news, Jay and I have every intention of seeing the Kings of Leon in Lexington next Saturday.  I bought the tickets and surprised him.  And really, truly surprised him.  He was thinking we were going to a ranch or some sort of hoe-down.  I was proud of myself for keeping it a secret but my original intent was to keep quiet until we were on I80.  I couldn’t contain my excitement and spilled the beans the minute I got home from the TicketMaster outlet.  However, there is a slight hangup.  Our intended cross-country vehicle has caught a cold or something.  Because that’s what cars do, right?  Wrong.  The power steering or some other major thing (unlike brakes that are worn or tires that promote hydroplaning or other “ignorable” things) has gone kerplunk.  So I’m hoping praying going to blackmail Jay and make it to the damned show!

Have a great week everybody!  Hopefully your weekend was grand as well…

2 thoughts on “A Complete 180

  1. Joe says:

    I have only recently been introduced to Kings of Leon. Strangely, from a girl that lives in Lexington. Weird.

    Anyway, power steering only matters when you’re driving really slow. My power steering went out about 3 months ago and I’ve been putting off the repair because it ain’t cheap, yo. Hope you make it to the show.

    • Bre says:

      That is strange (in regards to the girl from Lexington).
      I have this motto “Cars are like babies” because people probably don’t realize how much a car really costs (maintenance and all) until they have one. Just like a kid. I have yet to learn how time consuming and costly children are. I live vicariously through your blog because I got tha Baby Fevah! Haha

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