I’m Ready!

Sunday, late afternoon.  Though I’ve only been awake for four-ish hours I’ve gotten a lot accomplished.  I was starting to feel pangs of guilt for having been lazy the entire time I’ve been awake so I decided to immediately banish those feelings and get busy. 

I, my friends, have just completed my FAFSA although I know, I know… It’s a little late.  In my defense, I had not been seriously thinking about going “back” to school until January 2010 anyways.  And I say “back” because I’ve been in college more-or-less for the past four years but I’ve only been away from the classroom for 2.5 semesters.  I graduated from Kaplan University’s Practical Nursing program in June, 2008 and decided to immediately return to classes last fall at a neighboring community college in Waterloo, Iowa but ultimately realized that I was “schooled out“– I needed to let my brain rest and develop professionally before advancing my education.  So develop professionally I have been.  I’m working full time as a charge nurse on my hallway in a longterm care facility.  I feel like my Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing value my professional opinion and both have expressed their faith in me at various times.  Highly rewarding.  I love my job, but I’m ready to climb up to the next rung and widen my scope of practice. 

Of late I have been longing for school.  I find myself thinking ‘I watch too much TV‘ and ‘I used to read so much, what happened?’.  I’ve become stagnant and, lucky for myself, I’m realizing that I’m not fond of it.  I like knowing stuff.  I like discovering information and linking the facts, especially when it directly relates to nursing knowledge.  I like being a good nurse and I’m ready to expand my education and sit for RN boards (now more commonly known as the NCLEX-RN).  It’s time.  It’s time to go forward in my career and become a Registered Nurse. 

By law I’m required to take a Supervisory Course in order to supervise my CNA’s and be an LPN at the same time.  It’s kind of a crock but whatever.  It was nearing August and I was dreading the start of this class; each coworker I had asked about her experience in the class gave the same sort of response, “It sucked”.  Okay, maybe the exact same response.  Whatever.  I refused to let their lack of enthusiasm ruin my hopes for becoming a more concise communicator in order to become a more effective supervisor.  You see, I’ve been having a struggle with one of my subordinates.  I thought to myself ‘If I can do anything on my end to try to make our work relationship  more affable and make me a tad more professional, I’m willing to give it a shot.’  I decided that no matter what my peer review of this class was, I was going to give it my full effort.  And it turns out that I love this class.  My instructor takes the time to let us evaluate our personal motivations for communicating with the styles that we do.  She’s wise, articulate and originally was a nurse.  She has made the classroom call to me and reassure me that I’m ready to go to school once again.

There is a stigma about LPN’s (licensed practical nurses) that I don’t much care for.  It’s a common misconception that LPN’s are glorified CNA’s (certified nursing assistants).  We are not.  We are nurses, licensed by the Iowa Board of Nursing (or any other state’s BON).  We went through nursing clinicals and were tested rigorously on our acquired skills.  We are “real nurses” too.  I had a patient ask me if I was a “real nurse” one time and I replied, “Can fake nurses give you morphine sulfate tablets?”  That’s what I thought, bitch.  It makes my skin crawl when people act as though my nursing education is discredited because I’m “just an LPN”.  I am a nurse.  However, I’m ready to be able to nurse without limits, so to speak.  There are only so many things an LPN can do. 

So in addition to completing and submitting myFAFSA in a mere 20 minutes (alotting for a phone call to both of my parents [I’ll elaborate later]) I also submitted my Application for Admission to a community college nearby.  I think it’s safe to say that although I may not have put a bra on today, I’ve gotten some shit done

I’m ready to go back to school, go back to the almost-too-busy schedule I notoriously have had in the past and I’m just READY TO BE A REGISTERED NURSE and mess with IV’s and not have to ask a potential employer “Do you hire LPN’s?”.  I ultimately want to work on a Wound Team at a hospital, and becoming an RN is pertinent.  Almost imminent for me.  I know I’m capable and it’s time to conquer the goal!

About my parents?  Yeah, so my dad stays with his sister (long story, some other day).  I called my aunt’s house to reach my dad, and I did.  I had to ask a quick FAFSA question and he was busy doing some repairs on my aunt’s house, so she can put it on the market.  As I was about to cut the call short, he sort of sideways slips in that my mom is also there, working on the house.  My parents are divorced.  Weird.  I’m not even about to speculate on what’s up with their amiability toward each other lately but it kind of strikes me as odd.  Oh, well.  I guess the Street of Surprise for parents isn’t a one-way!  I hung up the phone with a smile and a slight shaking of my head.  I mean, my parents deny, deny, deny that they still have feelings for each other but it doesn’t take a genius to wonder why neither of them are involved in a serious (or any) relationship with somebody else or why neither of them have remarried.  C’est la vie, time will tell.  I’m not one of those overly-hopeful-child-of-divorce-kids who always hopes her parents will realize they still love each other.  If you know me, you know that I’m more pragmatic than that.

And little ol’ pragmatic me is excited to hit the books again!  I’m not sure, though, if I’m going to go back full time and put work on the back burner or try to do half time and balance work in between…?  Any suggestions?



7 thoughts on “I’m Ready!

  1. Nanna says:

    I worked as an LPN while I did my RN classes and it was invaluable. As it is now. Kind of like clinicals you get paid for. 🙂

    • I’m glad I’ve worked the “nursing ladder” from rung one– CNA, then Certified Med-Aide, then LPN…. I have wanted to be a psychiatric NP for a long time (since I met the one I had in W’loo, actually) so those are my aspirations. Or wounds. I would LOVE to work on a wound team at a hospital!
      Love you, thanks for being a living example of what I can do if I put my mind to it!

  2. Miss Britt says:

    Ooh – ditto what mom said. Plus, uh, money. Less you have to pay back when it’s done – because finishing school and having to live like a student for years because of loans is a BITCH, I hear.

    But more importantly –

    GO, YOU!!

    • Thank you!
      Not working is not an option, unfortunately, but I think I’m going to be crazy and try to work full time and go to school 12hrs/semester… If your mom can do it, so can I, right? ((crossing my fingers))

  3. Avitable says:

    Yeah, what Britt and Melissa say. If you can do something to pay off your loans and learn and get clinical experience, it makes later in life much, much easier.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the good luck wishes! In reality, I’ll still have mondo loan bills but at least I’ll be bitchin’ at my job, having had the experience I’ve already started accruing 🙂

  4. Faiqa says:

    Congratulations, I’m excited for you. I have no suggestions, other than the idea that the less of a loan you have when you’re done, the better! Either way, I know you’re going to do really well.

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