Feliz cumpleaños

Happy birthday, Kristen Marie! Today you are 22, the age I turned on my last birthday.  We’ve been friends for a very long while, yet I still find our similarities and differences intriguing…  You were the youngest of our group of six in high school but yet you were the tallest (and I was the oldest of our group but the shortest!).  You are the youngest child in your family but, in my opinion, you are the bravest.  You are the only left-handed person I know but you are the most interesting.  Our last names are both German, but yours sounds so much more German than mine.

Do you remember when I threw you that surprise party?  And it was totally obvious because Maggie and I had never talked on the phone to your then-boyfriend and all of a sudden we’re blowin’ up his phone to find out where the hell you guys were??  But you showed me how it was done…
I can remember my 17th birthday like it was yesterday; you threw me a totally bitchin’ surprise birthday party.  You even designed “Bre” in clear Christmas lights and had the display glowing throughout the entire party.  And a smorgasbord of my favorite foods!  That is, honestly, one of my favorite birthdays.

Now we’re both 22.  You’re a pastry chef and I’m a nurse.  Though we’ve chosen different paths and live in different cities, we still manage to keep in touch and do not let long stretches of time halt our conversations.  We can pick right back up and fall in to easy, familiar conversation.

You are one of the most inspiring, artistic, creative and fun-loving people I know. You are also one of the most thoughtful and deliberate people I know, and for all of these reasons I love you.  I hope you had a good birthday, Kristen, and I hope the year that passes until your next birthday is magnificent!

2 thoughts on “Feliz cumpleaños

  1. Nanna says:

    Ah very nice. Happy Birthday, Kristen!

  2. Selma says:

    Kristen sounds like the type of friend worth holding on to. Hope she had a lovely day!

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