Why isn’t there a song with “Saturday” in it?

Except for “Splish Splash”. But who wants to sing publicly about takin’ a bath on a Saturday night? That’s just admitting to the world that you’re staying in for the evening.  But really. Saturday is a great day– a day where it is socially acceptable, if not encouraged that you stay in PJ’s all day, eat a gluttonous breakfast and delight in whatever activity you choose!  You know, not a vast number of people across the world get this luxury.  So let’s take our weekly holiday (of sorts) and live it up! Or down, if you prefer lounging…

Being a nurse, I am obliged to work every other weekend so I really, really like my free Saturdays.  For example, today I enjoyed waking up slowly, without an alarm.  I trudged to the bathroom for that first-thing-on-the-list task and the scuffled to the kitchen for something to drink, all the while taking in the peacefulness of the sunrise across my living room and the excitement of having nothing to do today!! I then decided to whip up biscuits and gravy with cheese omelettes.  I was in Heaven this morning. And still am– it’s only mid-morning and I still have a free slate.  And the beautiful fall weather  is setting in so the options are pretty limitless. 

I enjoy knowing that I work hard during the week so there’s no need to feel guilty for not being productive on every single weekend of my life.  Sometimes I feel like my workweek morphs into one l o n g day and time swirls around me like honey in a warm cup of Earl Grey.  I want to be able to sip that tea in and just taste it, enjoy it and not have to rush off to the next task.  I love the days when I can let my mind wander around the playground of my thoughts and really mull over the week’s decisions and reactions and grow.  It amazes me that every day is growth.  Every day we shed a little part of the cocoon and evolve into ourselves.  That amazes me.  I’m so thankful that people are able to grow and change and potentially be better.  I guess I have a lot of faith in humans…  My cousin used to tell me I was naiive and that I’d grow out of it but really? I don’t want to.  I want to always believe that people can be good and that even if they are bad they don’t always have to be.

What a twist to light and airy Saturday talk!  On a lighter note, it’s football season so I’m going to get back to the task at hand: watching the game.

2 thoughts on “Why isn’t there a song with “Saturday” in it?

  1. Nanna says:

    Good for you for “getting” that leisure and rest is JUST as productive as – well -work! Love you!

  2. Love you, too! Thanks for supporting this new adventure of mine!

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